Garage, Sweet Garage

For a long time, Carl has been wanting to go through all of the stuff in his garage and reorganize it. He hasn’t had the time, though, and there was no pressing reason to do a reorganization, so the task got shoved aside. That is, until I brought the lawn tractor home. Then all of the sudden we had a need to make space.

So yesterday I began the task of rearranging the garage. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone (especially not to my Mom or brother Bob who’ve already had their garages rearranged and reorganized by Yours Truly). Carl (who went back to work yesterday despite what the doctor said) gave me a list of what he wanted where, so I started in tearing the garage apart. Before Carl got home I’d managed to get both shelf units moved from the north wall to the east wall, and I was arranging all of the power tools together with their accessories when he came home. After supper we went out to the garage together to finish. Carl had lots of little boxes of this and that, and we went through them all – sorting, consolidating and labeling everything. We also threw out a bunch of junk: Carl (who isn’t supposed to lift anything) dragged two bags of trash down to the end of the driveway. See? I told you he could do some amazing things while standing up. And now you’re getting details!

But I digress. We got most of the work done last night by midnight, and now the lawn tractor is parked parallel to the north wall, right in front of the F-150. I still have to sort through a bunch of boxes of miscellaneous screws and nails (deja vu, Bob?) and tie up some loose ends, but that won’t take long. And tonight, when Carl gets home, he gets to take all the scrambled tools out of the worktable drawer and arrange them neatly on the pegboards we hung last night. It will be fun.


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