Monday Update

So this morning it was raining, and I couldn’t go outside to do any work, so I stayed in and folded laundry. Yeah, I know its a holiday, but you’re not supposed to have fun on summer holidays. You’re supposed to do work!! Well, kinda-sorta. I figured if I had to fold laundry, I may as well make the time less boring by watching a movie while I worked. So I stuck a great classic movie, Princess Bride, in the DVD player. I chose this one because, as far as language and violence goes, it isn’t too bad and I wasn’t afraid of what the girls would see if they came in the living room. Which, of course, they did. Mary took the love seat and Hannah took the couch while I stood at the pool table folding towels. Carl eventually joined us, too. It was fun watching the girls watch the movie. Mary kept asking questions, and she always got the same answer: “Just watch the movie and find out!” Hannah got a kick out of the scene where Inigo confronts Count Rugen in the hallway. When Rugen turned and ran, Hannah said “What a coward!” I guess you had to be there, but Carl and I laughed ourselves silly. And when Inigo said “I want my father back you son of a b**ch” Hannah looked at me with concern and said “He said a cuss word!” Its wonderful how innocent she still is.

So this afternoon we’ll probably just hang around doing various little chores. I still need to put laundry away, and Carl’s updating our household inventory. The girls are upstairs goofing off and we promised them that if they behave, and if the weather clears, we’ll do s’mores tonight. I know, that’s not necessarily work, but oh, well. At least it involves chocolate.

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