Wednesday Update #2

Well, after I got over the excitement I had from reading my letter, I went back and read the submission guidelines sheet that I got from Creative Colony. Here’s what happens after they receive your portfolio: if the person who got the portfolio likes the work and thinks its worthy of further review, that person takes the portfolio to the colony board for review. If the board likes it, they invite you to a jury session, where they look over your actual product and evaluate its artistic merit and whether it is unique enough to stand out from everything else in the shop. If you pass jury review and are accepted, then you pay an up-front flat fee (not sure what that is) and a percentage of your sales per month, plus you have to work in the shop for 1-2 days per month. They don’t require you to have a certain amount of stock in the shop, but if you want to make money you need to have several copies of at least one new item per month. If that’s not motivation to get downstairs and paint, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, there’s the garden. Last night Carl and I went out and harvested the onions. The poor onion plants were lost in a sea of weeds, so Carl (who is feeling much better so he has no excuse) took the potato fork and dug under the weeds, loosening them up so they could be pulled. This also made it easier to find the onions, and we had a bunch of them. I counted them after I cleaned them, and I had 35 onions of small (golf ball) to medium (1.5 golf balls) size. I set them out to dry, and tomorrow I’ll put them in a pair of pantyhose and hang them from the basement ceiling. Hopefully then the onions won’t rot or mold or anything.

I gotta go. There’s a bug in Hannah’s room, and I must go and slay the beast. Yeesh.

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