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A while back I discovered a great Yahoo! group. It’s called Freecycle, and their purpose is to provide a forum for people to give away (and get) free stuff that no one else wants, so that good usable stuff doesn’t end up in the landfill. Carl and I had a big pile of stuff we didn’t want any more after we cleaned the garage, so I posted it all on Freecycle, and so far I’ve given away everything except one item. And what’s more, the person who wants what you’ve got comes and gets it. I even answered one ad and got a used, slightly rusted but very functional retail style clothes rack.

For those of you who’ve not yet heard, Hannah’s getting baptized tomorrow. I’m really happy, but kinda nervous. I think you’re supposed to be nervous when your first born takes another major life step, and this is a biggie. The biggest biggie. Carl will be baptizing her, which is way cool, and Mr. Perfectionist has even outlined what he’s going to say. I just hope he charged up the batteries in the videocamera.

I’ve spent most of today working in the basement, moving shelves and boxes around trying to make space so Carl can eventually get back to work on finishing our basement. I know it will get done someday, probably after Carl graduates from the Dual Degree program in December. Then he’ll have more time. Maybe. Oh, look! A flying pig!

Anyway. On Tuesday the 19th Iowa State University is supposed to implode the old Knapp-Storms dormitory buildings. I used to live in Knapp Hall, a long time ago, but I have no sentimental attachment to those structures and I really wish I could be there to watch them go BOOM!!! However, I signed Hannah up for one extra band lesson, so I can’t go. ISU isn’t letting people get too close anyway, so I don’t know that a spectator would get to see much. I’m hoping one of the local TV stations will carry the implosion live. That would be way cool, almost as much as being there.

Well, my girls have informed me that it’s almost time for supper, so I’d better get cooking. Bye!

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