Summer Daze

I updated our dry-erase monthly calendar yesterday. I put all the pertinent August information on it: when Mary has soccer camp, when Carl starts school, when the girls start school. Summer is almost over.

Carl mowed the yard using the tractor yesterday, with a Mountain Dew in the cupholder and a smile on his face. After he did the main parts with the Deere and the pushmower, he went around the yard with the weedwacker, something he hasn’t done since his hernia surgery. He also went in to the garden and mowed down our tree-like lettuce plants, and while he was in there he noticed something red in the tomato plants. Yes, our first tomatoes were ripe and ready. He brought them in and I sliced them up for lunch. Yum! He also found a ripe green pepper, and we ate that, too. There are benefits to having a garden, after all.

Speaking of the Deere, before Carl got going, both girls got their first lesson in tractor driving. Hannah was scared because the tractor’s so loud, but I helped her get into gear and she slowly drove around the yard. Once she got started she realized it was fun, and then of course Mary wanted a turn, too. She got it, and Carl and I got the girls on videotape driving around the swingset. Yet more ammunition for when they start dating.

Today we took the girls to the swimming pool in Vinton. Carl figured that this would be one of the last chances he’d have this summer to take the family anywhere, and Mary wanted to go to Vinton because that’s where she took her swimming lessons and she was familiar with it. So we went. It was cloudy, and thus not too warm, and the girls had alot of fun. They have a big waterslide there, and the girls really enjoyed going down it, even though they always got stuck in the curves. They’re so light, they don’t hardly have any momentum. But they always made it to the bottom. On their bottoms.

Carl and I had a very restful afternoon watching the girls splash around. Carl went into the water a little, but I didn’t go in at all. I really don’t like the water much. If I have to spend time in a large container full of water, I’d rather the container be warm and have whirlpool jets. Anyway. Carl and I discussed what’s coming up this fall and winter, and he mentioned that in one of his classes he has to design and market an entirely new product. He’s thinking about designing a computerized shower head; one that holds information on what each user likes (like water temperature and pressure) and that also tells you how much hot water is left in the water heater and that prevents butt-scalds whenever someone flushes the toilet while you’re showering. He asked me help, and I said “Sure! I’ll get online and see what I can find. Then I’ll go to Menard’s and Home Depot and do some shop…I mean research, yeah!” Carl’s main concern is figuring out how cost prohibitive something like this would be, so I asked him what all would go in it. I guessed that he’d need just a basic motherboard or hard drive, but he said all he’d need is a solid-state memory. “After all, its not going to take a lot of brains to do what I’m thinking about.”

He realized what he’d said a split second after I’d started laughing my head off. Everyone in and around the pool was looking at us, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I still can’t stop laughing. Poor Carl.

After swimming we got supper at Leon’s, a mom-and-pop type ice cream and sandwich place. We were also going to get ice cream cones as we left, but the line was really long so we went to Roy’s grocery and got sundae fixings – vanilla ice cream, bananas, spray whipped cream and chopped pecans. I had the rest of the necessary things at home. The girls ate their sundaes in front of the TV watching some movie, and Carl and I ate ours in relative silence at the kitchen table.

There you have it, the summary of our weekend. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it. See you later!

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