I play the Powerball lottery occasionally, usually when the jackpot climbs up over $40 million. I had a ticket for last Saturday, and I won $7! Yeah, I know, I’ve spent more than that over the years buying tickets, but hey, seven bucks is seven bucks. My first response to winning was, “Wow! I can get seven tickets for the next drawing!” but then I thought hey, what’s the fun of getting a windfall if you don’t share the wealth? So this morning I took the girls up to the Ampride, cashed in my ticket, and bought the girls each a candy bar and a bottle of juice. I bought myself a Wild Cherry Pepsi, and after all was rung up, I had exactly $1 left. So what did I do? I bought another Powerball ticket. Maybe this time instead of $7, I’ll win $70 million.

You never know.

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One thought on “Windfall

  1. I think you spent your windfall wisely, Aunt N. Treats for today and a potential $70 million for tomorrow!

    Judah is a very handsome dog; that other half sure looks like Rottie. Only problem is, now I have 2 separate pix in my mind of thong-wearing dogs – one a Dobie, and one Judah, and I can’t for the life of me decide which is funnier! Please don’t tell Judah I’m picturing him in a thong, though. From the looks of him, I don’t want him to feel I’ve done his dignity an injury, and it’s really All Your Fault anyway, remember.

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