Can I Rant?

Thank you. I am not having what you could call a good day. I got outbid on eBay: on two hard-to-find items for my John Deere tractor, a rototiller attachment and a snow blade. I can’t afford to bid any higher as we are currently experiencing a money crunch, so I’ll have to wait until next time. I hate waiting.

That, plus the girls have been in Full Nag-and-Pout Mode all day. If I go downstairs to try to get some work done in my studio, they’re down there begging me to give them stuff to paint with. If I go upstairs to work on the computer they’re begging me for something else. And if I’m not up on my feet the split second they call me, they’re screaming from whatever room they’re in, “Mom! Can’t you please hurry?” I scream back at them to wait a minute, then they get all mad because I screamed at them. Sheesh!

Also, I took some stuff out to the garage and when I did I stepped on something sharp, and now my right foot hurts. Top it all off with this week being the week (you ladies know what I mean) and I’m just one big knot of uptight human being. I just know that the next thing that goes wrong is going to set me off, postal-style. I need to relax. I need to release and unwind. I need, I need….


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