Poor Mom

OK, everyone. Stop what you’re doing and take a minute to feel sorry for my Mom. Poor lady. Hannah, Mary, Judah and I spent three days down there visiting, and while the visit was extremely nice, Mom always seemed to come out on the worst end of it. Wednesday we went to the pool, and Mom got a slight sunburn. Wednesday night I took her to Crow Creek park so she could practice on her roller skates, and she fell. She scraped her right elbow up, and she also hit her head, but she said she was fine. Then tonight she went and got Judah from the back yard so I could load him in his crate, and the dog ran her over and she slammed her head into the doorframe. That stunned her for a second, and I about went hysterical. She says she’s OK, but I’m gonna call her in the morning to make sure.

Speaking of the dog, I’m not taking the big idiot to Mom’s anymore. He dug a bunch of holes in her nice backyard, so now he’s banished.

And speaking of idiots, while I was at Mom’s I hyper-extended the ligament in the lower knuckle of my left thumb, and now I have to wear a brace for two weeks until it heals. Do you know how hard it is to type with a brace on your wrist? If you do, I feel sorry for you.

But the girls had lots of fun at Grandma’s. She took them to the library, and to the video store, and we both took them to the aquatic center at the Abbie Whittenmayr complex. The girls sat and watched movies with Grandma, and Mary played with the little girl who lives across the street. We all went to Kohl’s and did some shopping, which was cool, too, because they had a bunch of tropical decor 50% off and I got the girls stuff for their rooms. Tres chic.

I gotta go. It’s late and my hand hurts. Goodnight.

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