LIfe’s A Ball Update

Just when I thought I had enough to do, up pops another opportunity for me to overload my schedule. I got a call from the AYSO local coordinator (Shelley) asking me if I’d like to coach a soccer team in Atkins. Now, I know almost nothing about soccer rules and strategy, and I know even less about coaching. But according to the coordinator, the alternative was to take all the six and seven year old girls from Atkins and Newhall down to Blairstown (about 20 miles away) and have a guy down there coach them. Well, I couldn’t see the logic in driving all that way when some sort of solution could be reached, so I agreed to go to the coaches meeting in Van Horne last night. And I prayed about this. I had no idea of how I was going to handle this, so I asked God to handle it. I figured He’d come up with a solution if I was available to help.

And of course, things worked out beautifully. As I was sorting through player names with the coach from Keystone, Shelley’s cell phone rang. It was Matt Brown, a guy from Atkins who was interested in coaching. He has coaching experience, and loves to coach, so I worked it out with him and Shelley that Matt would be the Head Coach in Charge of Actually Coaching Children, and I would be the Assistant Coach in Charge of Paperwork, Organization and Scheduling. I’m already putting together a Parents and Coaches Get To Know Each Other meeting at my house on the 28th, and Matt was thrilled. Quite frankly, so was I. The first thing I did after I got off the phone with Matt was look up at the ceiling and say “Thank you, God!” Wow, what a relief.

So after the coaches meeting I went to Matt’s and talked with him for a few minutes. He’s a really nice guy. He coached kindergarten boys’ t-ball this year, and is looking forward to coaching soccer. He knows some older girls who play, and he hopes to get them to help show some of the basic skills stuff to the little kids. He thinks that the little girls will look up to the older ones and I agree with him. He has some great ideas. This should be a fun season. I also hope to learn some stuff from Matt so I can help Mary practice. I hope she develops a desire to play soccer for many years. After all, it is in her genes, somewhere.

I think Grandpa Chilla would be pleased.

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