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Week One of Fantasy Football is over, and I, the manager of team Nuclear Moose, am in second place in our league. Whoo-hoo! I only hope I can keep this up. I have a pretty good team, I just have to watch for injuries. For some reason Yahoo! won’t let me in to see my team, so all I know for now is that I’m in second place and my next opponent is Pastor Bill. I also know that Carl’s team, Coyote Ka-Boom! is (unfortunately) last place in the league, but this isn’t Carl’s fault. He had a great lineup. It’s Daunte Culpepper’s fault, and he’d better get it in gear.

In other football news, for those who haven’t heard, Iowa State beat Iowa in their big intra-state rival game 23-3. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather at the end of the game. I never expected to see that. I was amazed at how well ISU’s team played, and I mean on both sides of the ball. It was great! However, my poor Aunt Jane and cousin John were not nearly so happy as me and Carl. Did I mention that Carl and I had tickets to the game and we took Jane and John with us? Anyway. We had a good time, although my aunt probably thinks that I need to have my head examined. I went a little nuts during the game. Can you blame me? For all the years I went to school in Ames, I never saw the team play that well. And during my college years Iowa routinely trounced Iowa State, with scores like 65 – 0. No kidding. So it was nice to be in the stadium and actually see my Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes. I will, though, cheer for the Hawks the rest of the year. (Well, mostly.) I hope they can get Drew Tate, their ace quarterback, up and playing again. Poor kid suffered a concussion. I hate it when that happens.

Speaking of Jane and John, John is thinking about maybe going to Iowa State once he graduates. (He’s a senior.) So after the game we all went for a walk around campus and I gave everyone a brief guided tour of my old alma mater. It’s a beautiful place, but last week they had severe weather and there were still big tree branches down everywhere. That was sad. But they’re working on restoring old Morrill Hall. That’s nice. I’m glad to see the University keeping the old, original buildings, some of which date back to the Victorian era and have outstanding, graceful architecture.

On a side, sports-related note, Mary’s soccer team plays their first game this Saturday at Amana. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also looking forward to next week. Carl’s taking a week’s vacation as a birthday present to me, and he’s going to help me paint the interior of the house. We’re going to work together on the foyer, which is 18 ft. high. (I think.) He’ll do the upper part, and I’ll do the lower part, or something like that. And I have no other news, really, to pass along. But stay tuned, another football update comes in one week!

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One thought on “Football Update

  1. 1. Nuclear Moose. I cannot WAIT to see the logo you have designed for that team.

    2. Go Cyclones! Guess what – we baptized a young couple this past Sunday – he’s an ISU grad, she’s a U of Iowa grad.

    3. Have a great birthday, Nancy!!

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