Week Two Football Update

Well, this week finds both Nuclear Moose and Coyote Ka-Boom! at 1 – 1. I lost to Pastor Bill by only a 12 points, while Carl whupped his opponent by 23. Carl won despite the fact that Daunte Culpepper let him down again. What is it with Culpepper this year, anyway? He’d better get his act together or else he’s going to find out how cold it is in the Free Agency Netherland.

Meanwhile, here at home, Carl is on Day Two of his “vacation” which means he’s been working hard trying to get the foyer painted. He has almost all the prep work done so the actual painting will commence tomorrow. I’ve basically tried to stay out of his way since he’s spent most of the day up on scaffolding and I couldn’t be much help up there anyway. But I got the stair rails covered with plastic, and I did most of the supply shopping, plus I made cookie bars, so I’ve done my part. This paint job is, after all, my birthday present. Why should I work on my own birthday present? Don’t answer that.

In other news, I have a “job interview” with Manpower on Thursday morning. I hope to find some kind of work that I can do at home, and if not I hope to find something I can do during the evenings as I need to be around during the day for my girls. I applied for a part time office clerk job with a transport firm down in Norway, but then a friend of mine asked me “What will you do with your girls during the summer?” so I don’t think I’ll interview for that job, even if they call me. I found out they got 90 applications for that job, so I don’t think I really have a chance.

Next Monday will find me in our pickup headed for Minneapolis, MN to retrieve a John Deere snowthrower attachment for our 214 lawn tractor. I won it on eBay, and it was fairly cheap: $152.50. I’ve seen them go for over $200, so this really wasn’t too bad. I hope to eventually find a rototiller attachment, but anyway. I just hope it snows enough this year to justify the expense of the purchase, and also the time and gas necessary to go get it. Then I hope we can figure out how to hook it up. What fun.

So hang in there, and next week I’ll tell you all about the trip and I’ll also bring you up to date on the latest football news. See ya!

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