Foyer Update

Carl’s been working hard getting the foyer painted. He’s got the ceiling done, and he’s gotten a first coat on about 3/4 of the walls. He’s working on putting a second coat over the first coat, then he’ll finish the 1/4 that’s over the stairs. He’s been using “Baker” scaffolding, a system that can be assembled over stairs so that you don’t have to use ladders. I’m taking pictures and as soon as I can I’ll post some, including a shot of the scaffolding on the stairs. You may not be impressed, but I thought it was cool.

In other painting news, Hannah and I have completed our One-Stroke painting class, and Hannah did really well. She has a good grasp of the concepts and techniques, so all she needs now is practice. I’ll probably set up a work area in the basement for her, and once she gets the skills down pat I’ll give her some surfaces to paint and sell. Expand the family business, as it were.

My job interview with Manpower got postponed until next week, but that’s OK. I’m flexible, and I hope my cooperative spirit counts for something.

I’m following Hurricane Rita (just like the rest of you) and honestly, I hope that once she makes landfall she takes a north but slightly east track right toward Iowa. We could use some rain. A cold front passed through last night and I think we got 3 drops. I vaguely remember that a hurricane once tracked through Iowa when I was little – we still lived on Jones Street in Bettendorf. I thought I heard grownups say that the hurricane was drawn up the Mississippi River and stalled over the Quad Cities because of that weird east-to-west dogleg the river takes, but it was a long time ago so the memories are fuzzy. But I wonder if it was Camille they were talking about. Oh, well.

There’s not much else going on, so I’m going to go check the NOAA radar. ‘Bye!

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