Doin’ the Pants Dance

The girls got out of school today at 1 PM, and I am glad. Why? Because a cold front moved through Iowa today, and tomorrow is going to be seasonal (by which I mean cold) and windy. Therefore the girls need to wear pants to school, and since I’ve already gone through Hannah’s closet, it was time to do Mary’s. It went really well. She had some jeans and swishy pants left over from last year that still fit, and the ones that didn’t fit got put into a bag to be donated somewhere. After we went through her last year’s clothes, we got out the box of pants that formerly belonged to Hannah and Mary started trying them on. Only one pair was too big, but the others fit fine. Among these pants were the very first Levi’s I’d ever bought Hannah. (sniffle!) Now Mary’s in her first Levi’s ever. My babies are growing up.

I guess with growing up comes new adventures in humor. The girls have discovered a new book series that they just love: The Adventures of Captain Underpants. No, I’m not kidding. The general gist of the series is this: two boys (George Beard and Harold Hutchins) like to write comic books about some character named Captain Underpants, and through a series of weird events, their school principal (Mr. Krupp) gets hypnotized into thinking that he’s Captain Underpants. Snap your fingers, and the Captain appears. Douse the Captain with water, and Mr. Krupp appears. These three seem to get into alot of trouble, but I suppose that’s what makes the books fun. That and the Underpants Dance.

I should mention that the previous paragraph was supervised by Hannah, the family’s leading authority on Captain Underpants. Even as we speak, she’s standing to my right wearing a tank top, panties and a baby-blanket cape. And she’s laughing hysterically. Assisting the supervisor is her partner in humor, Mary, who is dressed normally (for once). Seriously, my two girls think nothing of running around inside the house in their underwear. But if you can’t run around inside the house in your underwear, where can you run around in your underwear? Really!

Please, don’t try to answer that question.

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