That Which Is Loose

First off – The Moose Is Loose!! Yeah!! I whupped up on this week’s fantasy opponent, handing him his first loss of the season. Carl, however, didn’t fare as well, despite the fact that he very wisely benched Culpepper in favor of Griese. This sets both Carl and me at 2 – 2 for the season. I wonder who has more points, though?

Secondly – Mother Nature is loose and somewhat confused. Hey, Lady! It’s October, not August. Get your vowel initiated months correct! Its 85 degrees outside, and my jeans and sweatshirts are still waiting for a prolonged session with cold weather. Yeah, yeah, I’ll probably want this weather back come January. I know.

Thirdly – something is loose that I’d rather not have loose. It’s my colon. I’ve been having some stomach problems so my doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist for a more in depth check up. Today was the appointment, and after answering the doctor’s questions and listing my symptoms, he’s decided that he is indeed going to conduct a more in depth check up. I’m scheduled for next Thursday (the 13th – lucky me!) for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. To prepare for this happy little exam, I have to avoid fiber-rich foods starting next Tuesday, and on Wednesday I can’t eat anything. I can only have clear liquids. Starting around 4 PM I have to start drinking this saline-based fluid stuff (Drano for Colons) plus I have to take two Dulcolax to make sure that my colon is flushed out. I’m not going to tell you what the nurse said about my BM’s by the end of next Wednesday. As if what I’ve written so far isn’t gross enough. But I’ll let you know the outcome (HA!) of the exam.

Meanwhile, back to football. Last week I picked up Eli Manning for my fantasy team, and boy am I glad. Did you see him pick apart the Saint Louis defense? Of course, the bad news is Carl had the Saint Louis defense and it cost him four points. Grrr. But now I can’t get that Three Dog Night song Eli’s Coming out of my head. Oh, well.

Not much else going on around here, at least right now. Next week, however, is going to be a doozy. Hoo-boy….

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One thought on “That Which Is Loose

  1. Oh boy, are you in for some fun!!
    I had my “50-year old guy” colonoscopy earlier this year…the procedure itself was no problem, the pre-procedure regimen was — well, how did the dad in “Everybody Loves Raymond” put it….”Holy Cr**!”

    But don’t worry, Nancy – everything wil come out just fine in the end.

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