Football Update, Week Five

Yes, week 5 of the football season has passed, and with its passing we find Carl’s team, Coyote Ka-Boom! in third place with a record of 3 – 2. My team, Nuclear Moose, is sixth with a record of 2 – 3. This wouldn’t be so bad except for one thing: I traded Kevin Jones of Detroit to Carl for Deuce Staley of Pittsburgh, then dropped Staley and picked up Tampa Bay’s kicker for one week to fill in for Jay Feely (NY Giants) who had a bye week. Carl needed a running back because of bye week problems, and of the two non-performers I had (Jones of Detroit and Martin of the NY Jets) I thought Jones was the better player. And of course, now that he plays for Carl, he ran for a bizillion yards and two rushing touchdowns. I couldn’t believe it. All day Sunday, as we’re cleaning house, I’m going “Did you see that? I give you Jones and he gets two touchdowns. TWO TOUCHDOWNS! This is so unfair!” Of course Carl was sympathetic: so much so that he (with Mary’s help) dusted the whole house and vacuumed the upstairs. What a guy.

He would’ve vac’d the downstairs, too, if he could get around, but he can’t. Right now all the furniture from the foyer and kitchen are in the computer room and living room because I’m working on the floors. I bought some industrial strength floor cleaner and some resealing topcoat and “refinished” my floors today. Man, that cleaner stuff was strong. The scent just about burnt out my nose hairs. But it did a great job with the cleaning, lifting off stuff I didn’t think would ever come up. And then, after a quick trip to Norway to deliver Hannah’s gym clothes (which she forgot again) I put down the topcoat and I figured I’d blog whilst I was waiting for it to dry. Something else I did while waiting was to contact my “career counselor” at Workforce Development (aka Job Service of Iowa) to see if there were any kind of work-from-home telecommuter jobs available. She hooked me up with A C Nielsen (of the Nielsen ratings) – they’re looking for part time data collectors. So I e-mailed them my application. Hopefully I’ll hear something from them.

In the meantime, the floor has dried, so I’m going to the fridge to get a drink…

Ahhhhh……..Diet Mountain Dew!

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