Monday Blatherskite

Saturday was Mary’s birthday. She and I went to her soccer game in Brooklyn while Carl and Hannah stayed home. It was a rare Saturday for Carl, when he had no homework and the weather was nice, so he did outdoor chores. After the soccer game was over, I called home and Carl went and got Pizza Hut pizza for Mary’s birthday lunch. After lunch we had cake (chocolate, white frosting, covered with gummy worms) and then presents. She got a “Simone” singing Barbie, a silver and pink Razor scooter, and a “Barbie” house: three sets of cube shelves stacked together and lined with white contact paper. The contact paper is for Mary to color on, so as to make her “Barbie” house unique. Go figure.

You should see Mary on her scooter, though. She’s a Razor-riding master. I think she learned “scootering” from the girls who live across the street from my Mom. They had a scooter and they let Mary ride it while they were playing together, and now she’s a pro. Well, almost. No wheelies yet. She went riding it on Saturday and ended up bringing two schoolmates, Shannon and Peyton, home with her. The three of them spent the afternoon up in Mary’s room playing Barbies when they weren’t outside riding their scooters. Ah, the life of a kid.

And now, an update on my gut. (Just what you wanted, I know.) The new meds the doc gave me are working great. The fire in my stomach has lessened considerably, and with it has gone the urge to quench the fire by snacking. Hopefully I’ll start losing some weight soon. I’ve started walking: we’ll see how long that lasts once the cooler weather decides it’s gonna stick around. The medicine is called AciPhex, which I think is funny because it’s pronounced Ass-Effects. Must be sound medicine. (rimshot)

Meanwhile, back home, it’s almost time for me to chase Mary up for her shower. I’ll write more tomorrow when I know how Week 6 of the football season turned out. Right now I’m losing to my opponent by two (yes, two) points, and we both have defenders in tonight’s game.

Go Indy!

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