Football Update Week 6

Well, despite the best efforts of Colts defensive lineman Cato June, I did not win this week’s game. Neither, however, did I lose. I tied this week’s opponent, so now my record is 2-3-1 and I’m in eighth place. PU. Carl lost, and he’s 3-3 and fifth in the league. Things will get really interesting this weekend when his team and mine go head-to-head. I plan to go to Bettendorf to avoid any marital conflicts.

Seriously. When my brother Keith told me he couldn’t pick Mom up at the airport Sunday because he and Cindy will be at McCartney’s show in Milwaukee, I jumped at the chance to take his place. Keith wanted to just take Mom’s van to the airport parking lot and leave it, but I didn’t like that idea. I’m not a big fan of long-term airport parking. I don’t know why, I just don’t like it. So Mom, if you can read this blog on your wonderfully luxurious cruise ship, look for me at the airport and not Keith. You’ll know its me: I’m taller and I have more hair.

Speaking of Mom (and Jane) and their cruise, I hope they’re having a good time. The cruise line is rerouting their voyage because their original itinerary would have taken them to Cozumel, which is right now being inundated by Hurricane Wilma. (Can’t you just hear Fred yelling “Wiiiilmaaaaaaa!!!”) According to the Princess Cruise website, Mom’s ship is headed toward Sint Maartens or some such place. As long as its nice, and devoid of Dutch diplomats, I’m cool with it.

Meanwhile, back here in Iowa, we had a very summerlike day, so I took advantage of it by going out to the garage and doing some spray painting. I put polyurethane on a painted milk can, primered three more milk cans, and put red stripes on a blue and white washtub. All I have to do now is add stars to the blue field, put on some antiquing, and it will be ready for sale. I’m only doing one show this year, and it will be the same weekend that Carl is gone to the NBAA trade show. Go figure.

That’s pretty much it from here. I’ll let you know next week which Bode prevailed on the fantasy football battlefield. See you then!

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