Strange Coincidences

Talk about weird. Carl’s employer, Rockwell Collins Avionics, goes to a big trade show every year: the NBAA. (Don’t ask me what it stands for – I think they’re going to covert college sports tournaments.) Anyway. This year the trade show was supposed to be in New Orleans, at the Convention Center. Well, Hurricane Katrina took care of that. So the organizers of the show decided to move the show to Orlando. Well, guess what. Hurricane Wilma, the strongest hurricane ever recorded, is headed toward the U.S. and will affect – you guessed it – Orlando. The guys at Rockwell are calling the trade show “The Hurricane Magnet”. The cruel thing is, Carl has to go this year. He wasn’t supposed to, but the guy who used to be Carl’s boss (the boss in charge of the group that sends equipment to the show) can’t go for some reason. So this boss and his boss decided to send Carl. This trip is really going to make it difficult for Carl to finish his last set of classes, plus he’s going the same weekend that I have my one and only craft show of the year. I find this all to be very irritating. I mean, I don’t want to see Wilma cause death and destruction to Florida, but on the other hand I don’t want Carl to go, either. As is testified to in my March 2005 blog entries, I don’t sleep well when Carl’s gone.

So maybe Wilma can cause just enough damage to delay or cancel the show, or maybe (like Carl said) they’ll move the show to Las Vegas and schedule it even earlier. Or maybe this bonehead boss person can actually do his job and go, instead of sending Carl. I don’t know – maybe I shouldn’t pick on the boss-guy-person. I don’t know why he can’t go, and it does speak well of Carl that they would send him in to replace a boss. I hope this bodes well for our future. Hee hee! I said “bodes well”.

Now, that’s a deep subject…

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  1. Normally, NBAA stands for National Business Aviation Association. This year however, it stands for National Bigas* Atmospheric Attractor 🙂


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