Little Stinkers

Well, here they are! Hannah and Mary, winners of the Group Costume Contest at the Atkins Community Club Halloween party. Yes, those are skunk costumes. And the really, well, cute thing is, the girls could “spray” people. They each had a can of compressed air in the pouch-pockets of their sweatshirts, and the cans were attached to tubes that ran from their pockets, through the belts that held up their tails, and out from under their tails. All they had to do was press the can nozzle and PSSSST!! It’s a good thing there’s an engineer in the house to design these things.

And speaking of the engineer and things that stink, HE is in second place in our fantasy football league, while I languish in last place. The worst of it is, points-wise, I’m fifth. I don’t know how I managed that, but it’s true. It’s also very frustrating.

I’d write more, but my one and only craft show of the year starts tonight and I have painting to finish. And BTW, the girls won $25. They’re richer than me.

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