Election Day Blatherskite

First I’ll get the football update out of the way. I won, Carl lost. He’s third, and I’m ninth in the rankings. However, I’m fourth in overall points. Doesn’t matter much, but it’s the only consolation I can cling to.

Today is Election Day, so after noon I put Judah on his leash and we walked to the fire station to vote. I only had to vote for the mayor and 5 councilpersons, so I did. Judah and I had a nice walk on the way to and from the fire station. We took the “scenic route” through the rail trails – I let Judah off the leash so he could run. When we got to the fire station I tied his leash to a tree and went inside. The ladies running the poll all knew me (and the dog) so they were very understanding when I didn’t stay long. You know, that’s what’s nice about living in a small town. Everyone knows you and no one cares if you tie your dog to the firehouse tree, provided the dog behaves himself. And everyone knows Judah is well behaved, especially for his size. And since it was such a nice day I spent the rest of the afternoon out in the garden, tearing out the support fences I built for the tomatoes and peppers. I also moved the wooden gate from the old compost pit to the garden. Now it will be easier for me to get into the garden and refill the bird feeders. Seeing as how its November and it will soon get very cold (and snowy?) I figured I’d better prepare for the birds now. I only wish Carl was home to put up the Christmas lights.

And speaking of Christmas, I know lots of people who put up their lights now so as to avoid freezing themselves later on. This makes perfect sense. I mean, they do wait until after Thanksgiving to light them up. What doesn’t make sense is WMT-FM radio playing Christmas music already. And not just one or two songs interspersed with their regular format — no, its Christmas music all the time!! I first heard it Monday when I took the girls to their dentist appointment. The receptionists had the radio on when we walked in, and we couldn’t believe it. I suggested calling the radio station and lodging a group protest. They all laughed, but just changed the station instead. But I mean, it’s bad enough that stores have Christmas displays up before Halloween. But it’s completely ludicrous to have Christmas music playing on the radio before Thanksgiving. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, in other news, I have a job interview with the Vinton-Shellsburg school district Thursday at 2:15. Since I think Mom already told everyone, it’s for a cook’s job. Yes, me, the person who hates to cook taking a job as a lunch-room lady. Please pray that I get this job. It would be perfect. I’d be home for the girls both before and after school, and since V-S’s schedule is pretty much the same as Benton’s, I’ll be on vacation at the same time as the girls, too. I don’t think it pays much, but even a little extra per week would go a long way toward paying off the money we owe towards Carl’s surgery. So please pray for me.

And pass the beans.

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One thought on “Election Day Blatherskite

  1. Judah tied to a tree by the firestation. Somewhere there’s got to be a joke about the dog wanting to pee on both the tree and a fire hydrant at the same time. The way Judah can go at it, he could probably do both.

    Glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors. I’ve been inside the convention hall pretty much all week from 7am – 6pm, so don’t see much sunshine. Looking forward to getting home!!


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