Oh, Deere!

Yes! Here it is! My tractor, with snow thrower attachment. And the idiot posed behind it is me. I’m attempting to flex my muscles (all three of them) but you can’t really see anything under all the snow clothes. The sun may have been shining, but it was dang cold out there!

So what was I doing out in the cold? I was taking my daughters on a “redneck sleigh ride”. We used a tow rope, looped around the rear hitch, to pull the girls’ saucer sleds. The sleds have spring-loaded hooks attached so hooking the sleds to the tractor is easy. After that, put the tractor in third gear, let up on the clutch, ease out the accelerator, and off you go! I’m still working on trying to get sleigh bells put on. For those of you not familiar with Iowa, that’s a corn field in the background.

By the way, the girl in purple (closest to the camera) is Hannah, and the other girl is (obviously) Mary.

And now, for your weekly fantasy football update. I lost, and am in sixth place. Carl, to whom I gave Jake Plummer and to whom I taught the “in’s and out’s” of fantasy football, is in third place and has clinched a spot in the PLAYOFFS!!! Jealous? Yeah, a little. But the nice thing is, Carl knows how to show his gratitude. No, I’m not going to give you details. I’ll only say that it doesn’t involve chocolate.

Well, actually, maybe it does. (hint, hint)

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