After Christmas Blatherskite

Well, we’re home after a nice stay at my Mom’s. We drove down Sunday after church, and along the way we picked up my Dad at the Good Samaritan home so he could join us. All of my siblings managed to make it in, and we had an extremely wonderful dinner prepared mostly by my Mom. (Us girls provided salads and cookies and stuff.) Mom makes the best German potato salad on the planet. The only person who made better German potato salad was my late maternal grandmother, and I’m pretty sure Mom learned it from her.

Monday my nephew and his wife (they’re from New York) joined us, and we spent the day visiting, eating, playing music, eating, watching movies, eating, exchanging gifts and, of course, eating. My brothers and Carl went and brought Daddy over again so he was able to join us for most of the day. Mom brought out videotapes from the late 1980’s, and we watched those. Believe me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I really lost it during the segment where Daddy was singing. Fortunately, Carl was there to hand me the Kleenex box.

So today we came home, and now there’s a new (albeit temporary) member of the family: Aya the cat. (It’s pronounced Eye-ah.) Aya belonged to my niece Beth, but my poor sister (Beth’s mom) developed an allergic sensitivity to the cat so they had to get rid of it. Mom said she’d take the cat, but she’s leaving tomorrow to go to Cincinnati for three weeks to help my niece Shannon, who is having a baby in early January. So Carl and I agreed to keep Aya temporarily until Mom comes back. (Got that, Mom? Temporarily.) He’s not a bad cat: he’s fixed, and he’s sweet-tempered with the girls, and he’ll have the run of the basement, so it should all work out OK. However, the dog’s not particularly happy with the arrangements. He’s already barked at the cat, and now he’s sitting on the porch, whining: “Mommy, oh Mommy let me in I wanna get the cat I wanna get the cat Iwannagetthecat I WANNA GET THE CAAAAAT!!!” Fat chance, mutt.

At least, temporarily.

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One thought on “After Christmas Blatherskite

  1. 1. Bless you for not using the pun “Aya wanna get the cat!”.

    2. Good luck on “temporarily” keeping Aya.

    3. I really love cats and would love to adopt Aya BUT half of my family is also allergic to them. Plus we have this adorable 90 pound chocolate lab puppy who’s discovered the joy of barking at anything with fur. This is delightful because, in addition to the usual squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, raccoons, etc., we have the occasional deer herd and now a small coyote pack cruising through our backyard.

    4. I really enjoy your posts on Dave’s blog and your own, of course!

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