First Blatherskite of 2006

Aya is really warming up to living here. He forgave Carl and me for clipping his front claws, but he still tries to sharpen them where he shouldn’t: the couch, my dresser, the stair-rail posts. But he’s getting friendlier, and he’s discovered that Carl and I have comfortable laps. He’s still going back to Mom when she returns from Cincy, though.

In other news, we had a thunderstorm this morning around 2:30 AM. Really, no kidding, a thunderstorm on January 2nd in Iowa. It lasted for over an hour. I stayed awake for it, because as a weather spotter it’s my obligation to watch storms for reportable phenomena. We didn’t have anything reportable, but we did have a little hail, and at one point slush was falling from the sky. It was pounding against the French doors in the kitchen so hard that I thought it was hail. Fortunately it wasn’t, but it was really freaky. Boo-Boo, of course, woke up scared, and Carl stayed with her in her room until the storm passed. He’s such a good daddy.

We have all of our Christmas decorations down and put away, including our outdoor ones. It’s always sad, putting the decorations away, but fortunately it goes pretty fast. And somehow, I always end up with more stuff than what I started out with. I don’t know how that happens. Maybe when the decorations get out into the fresh air they multiply, kind of like those desert frogs that only come out and multiply when their area gets a rare rainstorm. Go figure.

Anyway. Tomorrow reality sets in: Carl goes back to work and the girls go back to school. We start the countdown to the 2006 holiday season, anticipating all the strange and wonderful things that will happen as the year progresses. Hopefully nothing bad, terrible or catastrophic will occur, and we’ll find ourselves here in this same place a year from now: me blogging about the events of 2006, and you sitting there, reading this blog, hopefully being amused, informed and entertained.

Happy New Year!

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One thought on “First Blatherskite of 2006

  1. Hi Aunt Nancy! Happy New Year to you, too. I just had a question. You say you took down all of your Christmas decorations. Didn’t you only have the one No L sign? Just wondering. đŸ™‚

    I’m glad you got to spend time w/your dad, in a family setting, for the holidays.

    Keep up the funnies!

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