Good Day Sunshine

Today, finally, we had a day of sunshine. When I checked mid-afternoon it was 42 degrees. Mary was bored, so she and I took Judah for a walk. I retrieved Mary’s scooter from the basement, and after I put the walking collar and leash on Judah we were off. We went around the neighborhood once, then we went over to the Ampride for a treat. While we were out, Carl and Hannah worked on an “invention” for Hannah’s TAG class. So we brought Hannah back a treat, too.

Meanwhile, in other news, my niece had her baby yesterday. For all the details scroll down to the bottom of my Links list and click on “The Funnelcake Conspiracy”. This is my nephew-in-law’s blog site. The pictures are very cute.

I wish you could see the cat right now. He’s laying on his back on the floor in front of the television, and his eyes are closed like he’s asleep. We’re watching the New England Patriots play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Oops! Now Aya is up and laying next to me on the couch. I love having a laptop computer so I can watch football and blog at the same time. Ain’t technology wonderful?

That’s about all that’s happening around here, folks. The girls are in bed, Carl’s upstairs, and I’m down here with the cat blogging and watching football. Time to relax until bed.

Life is good.

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