30 Minutes

I have thirty minutes before I have to leave for my job interview. I’m interviewing at the high school for a substitute teacher associate’s position. That means I’d be working a part-time-part-time job, but that’s better than nothing. Plus, it gets my foot in the door for a regular part-time teacher associate’s job, so I figure I’d better go for it.

This has been an interesting morning so far. Hannah almost missed her bus. The driver was early, so as I was pulling up to the school (Hannah’s bus stop is at the Atkins elementary school, and they bus the 5th and 6th graders to Norway [Iowa]) the bus was pulling away. My first reaction was, “Is that Hannah’s bus?” My second reaction was to yell “Oh, no! That’s your bus!” Hannah almost started crying, but I told her to calm down as I sprung into action. My foot went STOMP on the accelerator, and Candy went VROOM! The bus turned the corner to head south toward the highway, and I was right behind her. We were on a nasty, narrow little two lane road that has very few passing lanes, and these lanes are only long enough to allow a fast car to pass a slow-moving tractor. However, this is where having a 5.4L V-8 engine and a desire to race stock cars comes in handy. I passed the bus and high-tailed it to the highway, where there’s a little mobile home park. I stopped in the entrance to the mobile home park, and as the bus came down the hill I waved to the driver. Hannah was climbing out of the back seat at the same time. The driver (bless her heart) stopped for us, and I apologized for missing her. She said she was early: she had jury duty in Vinton. So tomorrow Hannah’s going to the bus stop early.

Fortunately, when I got home, Mary had finished her breakfast and was almost ready for school. All I had to do was cut the tags from her shirt (she hates shirt tags) and she got dressed the rest of the way, got out the door to her bus stop in plenty of time, and was off to school. I gave her a huge hug for being so helpful. She is such a good girl!

So now, after having had breakfast myself (orange/cranberry fat-free bagel bread toast with marmalade – YUM!) and having gotten my chores done and having gotten ready for my interview, I can relax a little and blog out my frustrations. I wonder how the morning routine will change if I get this job.

Should be a fun time! Oh, and I have fifteen minutes left before I have to leave. ‘Bye!

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  1. Yes, congrats!!! I’m a teacher assistant in Special Ed (high school) and have finally worked my way up to almost-secretary of the SpEd department. I started out subbing in SpEd many years ago and got my first job that way.

    Our benefits are very good even though the pay is relatively low. And the holidays are worth a whole lot!

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