Blue And Grey

I’m depressed. When last I posted, I said that Monday I was going back out on a serious job search. Well, it’s Monday, and I did what I said: I called Iowa Workforce Development for help. But they didn’t help. The woman I talked to referred me to their on-line job search which was next to useless. The way it works is, you check their listings, then telephone them to get information on various job reference numbers. I did this, and got two leads, neither of which panned out. I now have my “application on file”. Big freakin’ deal. So after this I went to a couple other places I’d been thinking about, but neither of them were hiring, either. So when I got back home I started searching some of the job web sites that I have, and found an interesting lead: a job as a customer support service assistant for a trucking firm, Monday – Friday 3pm to 8 pm. Not bad hourwise, but we’ll see if they contact me. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep searching.

And to top that off, it’s a grey day – cloudy with an occasional flurry of snow, but no accumulation. That’s depressing, because there’s no color anywhere and we’re not getting any substantial moisture from the clouds. And we need moisture. In two months the farmers will start the planting cycle, and we don’t have near enough water in the soil for a good germination.

But I do have some good news (I think). First off, I was able to reschedule my appointment with my Kirkwood guidance counselor for Friday (long story) and I get to work at the high school Wednesday morning. I submitted an admittance application for Kirkwood on-line and already got a nice e-mail from their “adult admissions specialist”. Cool! I didn’t even know they had an adult admissions specialist. Guess I won’t be the only geezer on campus.

I’m really looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of architectural drafting. Sunday at church we had a Building Ministry meeting, and we discussed the new sound booth we’re making for the Worship Ministry, and one guy brought up the need to contact the City for rules and guidelines. If only I had my certification, I’d know what the City demands! And I could draw up the design so that it meets their picky regulations! Ooh, I can’t wait!

In the meantime, though, I think I’ll just draw a sketch of Judah.

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  1. You know, some of us would LOVE to see your sketches. *hint, hint*

    And January is almost over. Febuary is short. So that means it is almost March. Things always start looking less gloomy in March; I’m hanging on to that hope.

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