A Fuzzy Blatherskite

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day. A day of warm sentiments, mushy cards, and sugar overloads. But I’m not here to talk about Valentine’s Day. I’m not here to talk about the labors undertaken on behalf of my daughters and their Valentine’s Day card boxes for school. No. I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about my dog.

He was starting to get pretty jealous over the fact that Aya the cat got to be indoors all of the time and he didn’t. He’d never do anything to hurt the cat (I wouldn’t let him) but the faces he was making at me (ooh, poor puppy!!) were just downright heartbreaking. So I decided he needed a playmate. And not just any playmate. A playmate that he could wrestle with, a playmate he could mangle into oblivion if he wanted to. A fuzzy playmate. So I went to Goodwill and bought him an eighty-eight cent stuffed rabbit.

He was a little confused at first. He was going in and out with the rabbit, trying to decide where he wanted to play with him. Finally I just kicked him outside, and he started tearing the rabbit apart. But that didn’t last long, and he decided he wanted to bring the rabbit in. So Judah took Rabbit over to his rug and proceeded to rip the stuffing out of him. Literally. Every couple of minutes I had to go over and pick up large wads of fluff and dog-drool encrusted fur so as to maintain some semblance of neatness. This wasn’t easy. Judah thought I was coming after his rabbit and he’d go into Defensive Mode, which for a dog his size is rather scary. But in the end, he completely unstuffed Rabbit and was left with just the fur body; he’d ripped off the head, legs and tail, too.

All of this rather upset the girls. Boo was so concerned about Aya’s welfare that she went into Kid Protective Mode:

The cat was less than thrilled. After a couple of minutes he managed to wiggle free and run, which caught Judah’s attention. Judah jumped to his feet but by now the cat was already safely tucked away under the love seat in the living room so Judah turned his attention back to Rabbit. Well, what was left of Rabbit, anyway.

So now Judah’s not mad at me anymore. He’s had fun with his new toy, plus we took Aya back to Mom’s (boy was that cat relieved) so he’s King of the Castle again. Until later this spring, when we (MAYBE) get Boo the kitten she’s been begging for.

Goodness knows it will be well protected.

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