It’s Been A Long Day

Not an exciting day, mind you, just long. And boring. BOOOOOORING!! I mean, I got my chores done (laundry and dishes) but other than getting my package from the FedEx guy, the day has been as dull as the cloudy, grey sky. Blech!

I wasn’t too happy with the content of my package, either. I just found out that Delta Ceramcoat is discontinuing some of my favorite paint colors, so I got online to Viking Woodcrafts and ordered a bunch of stuff I’d been wanting, and included an order for several bottles of the discontinued colors, hoping they’d still have some in stock. No such luck. They had 1 bottle of Salem Blue and 1 bottle of Normandy Rose, but that was it. They were out of Bonnie Blue. They also didn’t have the painting pens I wanted, so I didn’t get them, either. ARG.

So I spent the morning online searching for the stuff I wanted. I found Salem Blue paint and the paint pens at Hofcraft, and I found the Bonnie Blue paint at Woodcraft Supplies, or so their websites said. Hopefully they haven’t sold out of those colors yet. I use those two shades of blue in particular in alot of Bauernmalerei projects. For those of you who don’t know what Bauernmalerei is, it looks like this:

The jar on the left has a tulip on it, and the jar on the right has a carnation on it. Both of these flowers are painted in Bonnie Blue. Salem Blue is a color I frequently use for backgrounds. Hopefully, by the time my new orders come in, I’ll have enough Salem Blue and Bonnie Blue to last a couple of years. I also have my Mom (thanks, Mom!) out checking the stores in her area, and if she finds those paints she promised to get me a few bottles. With luck, I should be able to keep on painting Bauernmalerei without interruption.

Now if I could only get my stuff to sell…

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