Searching For Spring

Everywhere on TV I see signs of spring. Allen Smith has crabapples blooming in his garden. Mr. Food is cooking with asparagus (aka aspergrass). The winter sports season ended last night when Florida stomped the everlovin’ snot out of UCLA (YEAH!!) and baseball (ick) has started. So since today was a relatively nice day, I took Moose Mutt out for a long walk and decided to look for signs of spring.

I wasn’t finding many at first. The trees are all still barren, and the only grass that’s growing is on the path. At one point, when I stopped to give Judah some water, I looked up at the trees and said, “Forest, come on, wake up!” It all still looked so grey and dull – it was sad.

But after a while I started to see things. There were teeny, tiny flowers growing on the edge of the path. And I mean teeny tiny! They had a daisy-like head, but were only one inch high and the heads were only maybe 1/8″ in diameter. I wish I knew what they were called. Then, farther up the path, I saw two butterflies flittering around. While I was watching them I saw a huge shadow pass over the trees to my left, and when I looked up I saw a barred owl land in a tree. He must have seen me watching him because he didn’t hang around long, and he flew off too quickly for me to follow him. At the end of the path, I found some storm damage; a tree had been blown down and it looked like there had been some flooding along the creek. And something (or someone) had broken off the fencepost that marked a turn in the trail and had thrown the post a few feet away. I find myself wondering if the wind had done that. The grass all around was flattened. It was a weird sight.

Anyway. When I got home I saw that the bird feeeders were empty, so I went to fill them. That’s when I noticed that my rhubarb is starting to come up. I need to call Extension and find out if it’s OK to burn my garden rubbish. I wouldn’t want to damage anything. I also need to go through my tiller manual, find out what parts I need, and put the tiller and tractor together.

The weather is slowly getting warmer. The days are getting longer. Boo-Boo has soccer practice and school ends in two months.

The signs of spring are everywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Searching For Spring

  1. Hooray! Doesn’t it feel a little like we’ve been hibernating for months and the year is just beginning? Don’t you feel a bit reborn every Spring?

    Or is it just me?

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