Wearing My German Genes

Recently, my good friend Cyn sent me a cute Easter link. It featured the graphics from this site, but the music following the “eggsplosion” was different. However, after a couple of days the website shut down, and I don’t know why. Maybe the server’s down, or they got overloaded, or maybe they got shut down because they didn’t have permission to use some of the stuff they had. But the song that played after the “eggsplosion” would NOT leave my head, so I went looking for it. I found it here. Go under the guy’s pictures and click on “Chicken Yodel”. The version on the site Cyn sent me was an abbreviated version of the song, but I still like it. The girls like it, too. Hannah even created this cute, yet bizarre, dance to go with it. I wish you could see it!

Anyway. They guy who does this song, Kerry Christensen is apparently very famous in the yodeling world. He did the yodeling for the Disney film Home On The Range, and when I told Hannah that she said, “That’s Alameda Slim singing that?” That girl never forgets a thing. But I thought the song was funny, and cute, and I’m even considering buying some of this guy’s stuff on CD because I have absolutely no German music CD’s.

See, Mom? All your patient teaching is finally paying off. Pass the sauerkraut!

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One thought on “Wearing My German Genes

  1. However, many of Kerry’s fans say that their favorite show is when Kerry mixes up the styles. You will hear cowboy, alpine, cajun, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, classical, and his always popular humorous yodeling renditions.

    Jewish, Latin & Hawaiian yodelling? WTH?

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