Boo-Boo Strikes Again

Well, for everyone who hasn’t heard yet, our little Miss Mary “Boo-Boo” broke her right arm Friday night. She went out for a scooter ride with Dad (Dad was on his bike) and when Mary tried to maneuver from the street to a sidewalk, she hit a mud pit. The pit sucked her front tire down in and pitched her and her scooter face forward. When she landed she hit on her wrist and arm weird and broke both bones in her right forearm about 1 – 2″ above the wrist. Carl (poor Carl – he felt so bad!) didn’t have his cell phone with him, so they had to walk several blocks to get home. When they walked in the door Mary was (of course) crying, and you could see the broken bone pushing against her skin. I ordered Carl to get me ice in a bag, and a towel, and I wrapped Mary’s arm up as best I could. Then Carl loaded Mary in my truck while I got Hannah down from her room, and off to the emergency room we went.

The emergency room staff at St. Luke’s Hospital was wonderful. They got Mary in and comfortable, then took her to x-ray. While we were waiting for results our pastor showed up and prayed with us, and he stayed a while to see what the outcome of her tests would be. As it turns out, she had to go under anesthetic to get her arm set, so the ER staff put an IV lock in Mary’s arm. Naturally Mary was terrified and screaming-crying, and this upset our tender-hearted Hannah, so Pastor Bill took Hannah out while Carl and I held Mary down and the two nurses put the lock in. When it was done Mary realized it wasn’t that bad, and they wheeled her up to Surgicare. Once there we decided that I would stay with Mary, and Pastor Bill (bless his heart! he’s such a great guy) offered to drive Carl and Hannah home. So they all left, and Mary and I waited for a good hour for the anesthetist, who was doing another surgery. But finally it was Mary’s turn, and they doped her up and wheeled her out. It only took about half an hour, and then I got to sit with her in Recovery while she woke up, and once the nursing staff was satisfied that she was OK they sent us home.

Saturday Mary spent most of the day in bed (on the sofa sleeper in the living room) resting and watching movies. A couple of neighborhood girls (sisters) heard that Mary was hurt and brought her over bunches of dandelions. They stayed for a while, watching TV then playing computer games, so Mary had a little fun. The oldest sister, Payton, is in Mary’s class, and she’s already volunteered to be Mary’s right arm in school. Wasn’t that sweet?

So today, Mary’s pretty much back at it. Her arm is in a temporary cast (one that has more give to allow for swelling) and hopefully she’ll get her permanent cast a week from Monday when we go back to see the orthopedist (Dr. Fabiani). Right now she and Hannah are playing Battleship like nothing’s happened. The nurses were impressed with how maturely Mary handled the whole business, and it was a great relief to me to see Mary’s “positive attitude” adjustment taking hold. For all she’s been through, she’s been very brave, strong and cheerful.

I’m so proud of her!

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4 thoughts on “Boo-Boo Strikes Again

  1. Hard to see the kids in pain. You wish you could break your own arm instead. Was this St. Luke’s in Cedar Rapids, IA? Nice place to have when the munchkins (or us) need it!

  2. Poor Mary, poor you! Nothing’s harder than seeing your own kid hurt.

    Peri’s right. Ditto everything she said!

  3. Oh man!!! Too bad, Mary – taking after your Uncle Bob!

    Nancy, remember the “cast” I had for my broken wrist: the graphite rod supported by 4 screws in my hand and arm? Healed perfectly after 6 weeks, so hopefully Mary’s heals just as well.

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