Painted Over Update

Tonight, folks, I am a very happy camper. My lesson at Elaine’s went incredibly well! I’m working on a still life of southwestern pottery (I’m working from a photograph) and I’ve been able to do the painting step by step with Elaine’s helpful coaching. As soon as the painting is done (probably a week from now) I’ll post a picture of it.

But I am really, really happy. I enjoyed myself tonight, and I learned some things. And Elaine very patiently listened to my griping about my other teacher. She recommended that I call the college’s director of adult education and tell her what happened, because Elaine had spoken to the director a couple of months ago and apparently I’m not the only one complaining about their teacher. Elaine can’t teach through the college while the other teacher is there (they don’t want overlapping classes) so maybe if I voice my complaints they’ll fire the bad teacher and open a slot for Elaine. That would be nice!

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to taking four more classes from Elaine before she quits for the summer. If I can manage it, I’ll try to take classes again from her this fall. I’ll have to see what my school schedule is like.

Speaking of school, I got my registration letter, and I go in May 15 to sign up for fall classes. I’m really excited about this. Finally, I can draw pictures for someone and get paid for it.

Show me the money!!

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