I Got Accepted!!!

Last year, at the end of Watermelon Days, the Community Club had a discussion about the 2005 T-shirt design. They weren’t happy about it, and they were upset at how much they had to pay to get it. So I said, “I’ll design a shirt for you, for free.” Well, this is the design I made, and I just found out that the Community Club loved it, and it’s accepted as this year’s T-shirt design! My artwork is going to be displayed on T-shirts all over Benton County!! I’m really happy, but I’m trying not to get too proud of myself. Every time I get too proud, something bad happens. But I can’t help but be happy. I finally did something right!!


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6 thoughts on “I Got Accepted!!!

  1. Hooray! I think the design is cool, and I’m proud of you, too.

    *practices spittin seeds*
    *spits them at the conga rats*

    Whaddaya mean you “finally” did something right? You do right all the time, darlin’!

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