You Can Take The Boy Off The Farm, But…

You can’t take the farm out of the boy!

Carl finally got all the necessary parts for our tractor’s roto-tiller attachment, and he got out in our garden and started working. The north end of the garden worked up pretty well (north is the end you can’t see) but the south end was packed down pretty hard, so we’ll need to find someone with stronger equipment to break up the clay pan so Carl can more easily till it with our machine.

This week I’ll probably go out and get tomato and pepper plants, and some tomato cages. I already have bean seeds (leftover from last year) and I need to check my Extension references to see what else I can plant. May is already a week old, and some things (like onions) need to be planted in April. But oh well.

Oh, and one more thing. You will notice that both the tractor and the hat are the same (by which I mean correct) color. No red machines here.

Nothing runs like a Deere!

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