Vacation Pictures!

Here’s some pictures from our vacation. I’m not really good at downloading pix onto Blogger, so I hope the captions match up with the photos…

This is Mary’s first fish, a little bass. All the fish we caught were small, and all had to be thrown back, but at least the girls caught something!

This is Mary’s second fish (under her armpit) a bluegill.

This is Hannah’s first fish, also a bluegill. These fish were caught on the girls’ trusty Barbie poles. Go figure.

This is our campsite at Lake Okoboji. That’s our pickup, camper, and canopy.

This is the girls “locked” inside an antique bank vault at the Higgins Museum of Money. Apparently, Mr. Higgins collected bank notes from the days when each state printed their own money, and also from the days when each town had a “charter” bank (whatever that is).

The girls at Le Mars, Iowa, trying to eat the giant sundae outside of the Ice Cream Museum. The real ice cream we bought inside tasted alot better.

The girls at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Sioux City IA. They’re pretending to pet an animated “mannequin” of the Newfoundland dog that went on the expedition.

A sign on the outskirts of Mitchell, South Dakota. It’s a billboard advertising a small animal hospital, and underneath the billboard is a banner that says “Hunters Welcome!” I think someone sent a picture of this to Jay Leno for his “Headlines” segment, but I don’t know if it ever got onto Dave Barry’s blog. Maybe one of you smart MOATies can figure out a way to send this to judi. Maybe she’ll even post it!

Why are there no pictures of either Carl or me? Simple! Carl was behind the camera, and I didn’t want to post any pictures of me, so there. (Nyeah!) 😛

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One thought on “Vacation Pictures!

  1. Is that you in the pink tee behind Mary in the first picture? Carl might have snuck one of you in there!

    It looks like you guys had a great time!

    I know that you can’t send email with attachments to DB – the Herald servers won’t accept them, but you can click on the image, which will then open at fullsize in a new screen, copy the link in the address bar and send that link in an email. That should work.

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