Soooooo Big!

Have I mentioned lately how big my girls have gotten? Hannah is 5’5″ and looks some of the ladies in our church right in the eye. Mary is one of the tallest in her class (how tall I’m not sure) which some of the boys thought was intimidating until she belched, which made them accept her immediately as one of their own.

So – tonight we went for a family bike ride. We started out together but ended up splitting into two pairs: Carl went with Mary (who rides slowly and keeps stopping) and I went with Hannah, the speed merchant. We rode around for a while, then we turned south onto B Avenue and started up the hill. I decided to put on the steam, and I blew past Hannah, but not for long. She caught me halfway up the hill, and beat me to 5th Street. No, I take that back. She didn’t beat me – she kicked my butt! I think she beat me by, like, ten bike lengths. And it just so happened that she had classmates out in their yard, watching. It was humiliating.

But they’re growing so fast, it takes my breath away. By next summer both girls will need different bikes, as they will outgrow the ones they’re riding this year. Mary will probably get Hannah’s bike, and Hannah will get mine. Carl promised me that when Hannah grew tall enough to ride my bike, he’d buy me a new one, a ladies’ touring bike.

With a soft, cushy seat.

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