Going Home

I just found out, via the Quad-Citiy Times online, that my hometown of Maysville is having a sesquecentennial celebration. (Gee, I hope I spelled that big word correctly!) For those of you who are interested, you can read the story for yourself:

This link better work

I want to go. I’ve always wondered about Maysville’s history and this seems like a good time to go find out. I’m especially curious about the cemetary walk. I’ve been in that cemetary hundreds of times, wondering about the old tombstones. Maybe I’ll finally find out if any of them are significant. Plus, they’re having some sort of history tour, and I want to go on that, too.

And I’m curious to see if anyone recognizes me, or if I’ll recognize them. I think Gary Fears, my junior high social studies teacher, still lives there. I can’t imagine how he’s changed in twenty years. It’s been that long since I’ve seen him. And I wonder if my Mom will want to go with me. I’d like her to, so she can see all those people that she spent 30 years living near.

Plus, she can tell me who in the heck they are.

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