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According to the Farmer’s Almanac , tonight’s full moon is the Hunter’s Moon. Did you get to see it? Wasn’t it pretty? I thought it was. So much so, in fact, that I took Moose Mutt out for a sunset walk through the rail trails. It was a nice night for it. It was cool but not too cool and not very breezy, either. And the only sounds out there were crickets and the distant rumble of a combine. (For you citified folks, “combine” is pronounced with the accent on the first syllable. A combine is a giant harvesting machine.) Anyway. We had a lovely walk. We watched the moon rise over the trees; we saw a raccoon (the largest dang raccoon I have ever seen!) and also a doe and a bat. The air was filled with the scent of autumn in the country, and off in the distance someone had a wood fire burning. It was wonderful.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the cool, crisp nights, the sounds and smells of harvest, and the beauty that blossoms briefly before the leaves fall and winter comes. I love wearing jeans, boots and sweatshirts and being completely comfortable in them. And I love the fact that I can walk through the woods at sunset and not be feasted upon by mosquitos!

However, my love for autumn is bittersweet, because it’s this time of year that I miss living in the country most of all. I miss being able to go out at night and listen to the crickets and the combines. I miss the scent of the bonfires Dad always built for our youth group’s Autumn Party. I miss looking out my west window at Fredrick’s woods and watching leaves go from green to orange and yellow and brown, and then falling. I miss coming home from school and grabbing an apple off the tree as I walked to the back of the house. (About the only thing I don’t miss is riding the stupid school bus.) But no matter what, autumn is my favorite time of year.

Time to go out and buy a pumpkin!

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