Bus Stop Politics

I know I’ve already mentioned this (ad nauseum) but my girls, Lou and Boo, have medical problems. Lou has autism and Boo has diabetes. For these reasons, Lou likes to sit by the vehicle window and stare out (it’s her routine, and it helps keep her calm) and Boo has to sit on the bus by Lou so that if she has a hypoglycemic episode Lou can help her.

Getting these points across to the kids’ at the girls’ bus stop, though, was a difficult matter. No matter how early the girls were, the other kids would try to be first on the bus ahead of them. Lately I’ve been driving the girls to the stop (because it’s been so dang cold) and as soon as the bus shows up the kids swarm my truck, so Lou and Boo can’t get out. So they’re last in line, even if we were there first. Yeah, I know that sounds petty (if I can’t be first I’m gonna whine!) but I hated riding the bus, so I’m trying to give my girls as much help as I can.

To that end, today I drove them to the other bus stop – the stop BEFORE the girls’ usual stop. I figured that being last in line at the first stop was equivalent to being first in line at the last stop, so that’s what we did. I watched the girls get on the bus and get a good seat (sitting together) therefore I have one less thing to worry about regarding them.

Overprotective? I suppose. Overbearing? Maybe. But as long as my girls are together on the bus, and Lou’s routine isn’t disrupted, it’s worth going three extra blocks to a different bus stop.

Besides, I get to leave town five minutes earlier, and thus get to my school early. And that’s good for me.

Speaking of school, I must now go to my Drafting Final. It’s an oral exam, and I’m scared to death. Pray for me and wish me luck!

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