My daughter Mary saw a robin this morning. She was so excited! Both she and her sister can’t wait for spring. I must admit, I’m a little tired of winter myself. Fortunately, this week the weather around here is supposed to be warmer. We’re finally supposed to have an entire week where the morning lows will all be above zero. Whoo-Hoo!!(Today’s high is supposed to be around 40.)

The arrival of spring means the arrival of shorts-wearing season. This could be a problem – all of the shorts I have hanging in my closet are either size 20 or 22 (women’s) and I’m currently wearing a Misses size 18. Depending on how you count, I’ve lost something like 2 to 2 1/2 pants sizes. My weight is fluctuating between 195 and 198. If I’d stop baking stuff, I’d lose weight faster!

Anyway. So I don’t have many pairs of shorts to wear. I have a couple pair of denim shorts that are around 15 years old, and I’m sure I can get into those, but I don’t think that will be enough to get me through the spring and summer. That means I have to go shopping. I don’t mind going shopping for clothes (I am, after all, female) but somehow I have to find time to go, and that could pose a problem given the increasing workload school is giving me. Oh, well. Everyone should have such dilemmas, eh?

Speaking of dilemmas and workloads, would all of you pray for Carl tomorrow? He has an interview for a Project Manager position at his job (around 1 PM, I think). This would be a major promotion, and Carl feels that he’s ready for a new challenge. He wants to use the knowledge he got with his Master’s degrees, and this job would utilize all of his skills. But mostly, Carl wants to follow God’s will, so please pray that His will be done as Carl interviews. He has another interview sometime next week, and I’ll let you know when so y’all can pray for him then, too.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather. I plan to. Since I live in Iowa, the weather will probably change in five minutes anyway, so I’ll take nice weather whenever I can get it.

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