Winter Storm, Round One: The Ice

This is our front porch. It has about 3/8″ of ice on it.

This is our mailbox. I’m guessing those icicles are around 5″ long.

This is our purple ash tree, coated with ice and bent by the wind. Poor tree. Maybe it needs a hug from AlGore. Global warming? HAH!!
This is our basketball pole. It is not an optical illusion that the net and icicles are all leaning to the right (pointing west). The wind is strong from the east, and they froze like that.
This is our ice-coated driveway. Sensing a theme yet?

This is a north view of our swingset/treehouse thingy. Again, notice the icicles pointed west.

A final view of the swingset/treehouse thingy. And a big thanks to my wonderful husband who braved the elements and went outside to take these photos. They may come in handy later; if we have damage, the insurance company may want proof. Brother, they’ll get it!

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