Spring Break!

This week I have spring break from school. Now, don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do. (Remember the Statler Brothers song? Ya geezer.) Anyway. This week will be jam packed with work…What did you think I was going to do? Go to Cancun or something? Sheesh.

Already today I’ve assembled two electronic games for our PTA carnival. I had the basketball one half finished last Monday, but then I tripped over my bootlaces in the Jones Hall parking lot and tore up my right knee (last Tuesday) and I’ve not been able to do much since. It will take a while for my knee to heal completely, but at least I can walk without limping now.

The rest of my week will be filled with homework. I have revisions to do for Drafting, and I’ll need to spend some time on campus working on Arch. CAD because only their computers have that program and the final drawings are due on the Wednesday that we get back.

I will spend some time recreating. I hope to be able to do some woodworking out in the garage, and Friday I get to go to the Quad Cities to go shopping with my Mom. My favorite jeans store is there (Farm and Fleet) and the Q-C’s also have a Hobby Lobby. Plus, my brother Keith’s new band is playing Friday night, and I get to go to their introductory performance. All in all, it should be a good week.

As long as I don’t spend my time counting flowers on the wall…

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