The Old Grey Mare Goes Chestnut

I spent yesterday in the Quad Cities with my Mom. We went shopping, and had a blast. I got some new jeans and shorts, some t-shirts, two pair of boots, and a dress. I got most of it at Farm & Fleet, a store that was 6 miles from the place where I grew up. They have a really nice clothing department, plus they sell tools, tires, small farm equipment, lawn & garden stuff, vet supplies, and so forth. I always manage to find the tall sizes of jeans I like there. When I was little, and my parents would take me there, they’d always find me in the same place if I got separated from them. They’d find me in the large animal department, staring at the saddles and other horse-related supplies. I’d just stand there, breathing in the scent of leather and dreaming about maybe someday getting a horse. I figure, if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream large.

Anyway. So while we were out shopping, I bought something for myself that I swore I’d never buy (and it has nothing to do with leather, so get your mind out of the gutter!) – I bought a bottle of hair coloring. Not the permanent stuff, but the kind that washes out after 6 to 12 shampoos. I’ve had a bunch of people tell me lately that I should color my hair, now that I’ve lost so much weight. My hairdresser told me, some ladies at church told me, and my Mom told me, so I went ahead and got a rinse-type dye, just to try it. I had no clue about how to use it, so my Mom helped me. Honestly, it turned out really nice. My hair is now the chestnut color that it was ten years ago, and everyone who’s seen it says it makes me look younger. My Mom and my brother Keith were really impressed at how well it turned out. When I got home this afternoon, though, Carl’s response was somewhat reserved. He told me he was used to me being grey, and that I was beautiful either way, so right now I’m not sure whether I’ll go for permanent color or not. I’ll see what kind of reaction I’ll get at church tomorrow, and decide after that.

In other news, we sold some stuff on eBay: the roto-tiller attachment for my John Deere lawn & garden tractor, and our 24 foot Shadowcruiser fifth wheel camper. We really didn’t need the tiller since we decided not to have a great big humongous garden, and the camper just got too crowded for the four of us. Plus, with me being in school for the next two summers, we really won’t get a chance to use it, so rather than pay insurance on it and have it sit in the driveway idle, we sold it. Very soon I hope to list my old autoharp and a banjo on eBay, because I need the money to help pay for the new autoharp I ordered from Elderly Instruments. It’s a nice ‘harp – it has an amplifier output jack-thingy on it, plus it has the fine tuning attachment at the bottom. Very cool! I also need to put all my “fat” clothes on eBay to help pay for the stuff I bought this weekend.

We’re still waiting to hear whether or not Carl got that management promotion he interviewed for a month or so ago. The guy who makes that decision has been gone alot on business trips, so it’s taking forever for this guy to make a decision. The suspense is driving Carl and I crazy. Arg!!

And speaking of Arg!!, our beloved Boo-Boo got another one this week. She tripped and fell on the school playground and sprained her ankle. She’s on crutches, and can’t go to recess or gym for the next two weeks. Poor kid! She’s an active type of kid, and having to spend all day on her butt is really annoying her. It’s also annoying me, because I have to keep finding things to keep her entertained. Maybe I should take her shopping, and let her breathe in leather fumes from the saddle department at Theisen’s.

It didn’t do me any harm! 😛

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