Farewell To The Shadow

In 2002, we bought a Shadowcruiser fifth wheel camper and a pickup truck from my parents. This past weekend, we sold the camper on eBay to a very nice fellow from What Cheer, Iowa. Yes, that really is the name of the town: What Cheer. I have no clue, so don’t ask.

Anyway. He won the auction on Saturday, and came up with his boss on Sunday. His boss has a fifth wheel hitch on his pickup, but our buyer didn’t, so his boss helped him out. Soon, however, our buyer will have a fifth wheel hitch because our hitch was part of the camper package, along with our old steel truck toolbox. All in all, I’d say the guy got a good deal.

And so did we. Since I’m going to be in school all summer, we weren’t planning on using the camper this year, or next year (same reason). Therefore, we figured rather than have the camper sit there, sucking up space and insurance premium payments, we’d sell it. We also sold our tractor-mount roto-tiller to a guy from Muscatine. He’s coming Wednesday to get it.

Really, this wasn’t a tough thing to do. We’d outgrown the camper – Lou’s twelve years old, and it was getting very difficult to find room for her clothes, Boo’s clothes, and everything else, plus it was hard trying to move around in there. Maybe, someday, we’ll get another camper, but it will be a while.

So, we bid our old Shadowcruiser a fond farewell yesterday. Along with the camper, hitch, and toolbox, our buyer also got our leftover camper chemicals, twin sheets for the small beds, a section of spare sewer hose, and a package of camper toilet paper. I mean, what was I going to do with that stuff?

Don’t answer that.

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