Power’s Out – Where’s The Ice?

This morning, like every school morning, I got up, got dressed for school, went downstairs to the kitchen and turned on the TV. I wanted to see the weather, but one of the first things I heard Scott (the news anchor guy) say was, “No school in Jones Hall on the Kirkwood campus today.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly, so I got online to check and sure enough, Jones Hall is closed because of a power outage. Now, it just so happens that Jones Hall is where I have all of my classes, so I had the day off. Of course, I took advantage of the time to catch up on chores, especially laundry. It seems like whenever I have time off, I’m doing laundry. That’s one downside of having a house full of females.

Anyway. So tonight I check the school’s website, and Whoa! Jones Hall is closed again tomorrow, same problem. Now, let’s think about this a moment. The building where students are trained in Industrial Technology (drafting, carpentry, HVAC systems, metalworking, masonry and electrical systems) is CLOSED because the power grid went crap-kablooie (or something like that). I mean, really, how embarrassing is that!! It would make sense if, say, the power went out in Cedar Hall where they have all the froo-froo classes, but nnooooooo. It had to be Jones Hall. Sheesh.

Of course, not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I will use this time to catch up on more chores. I have a list, believe me. But in all honesty I’d rather be in school. I mean, I busted my butt getting my homework done, and now I have to hold on to it for a week. I will be very careful not to misplace any of my hard work.

And speaking of hard work, Carl finally heard from the boss-person who was hiring project managers, and he didn’t hire Carl. I find this horribly unfair, but I guess God has a plan for where he wants Carl, and besides wanting him sprawled out on the couch (where he is right now) God must want Carl in his engineering position.

Aha! I just got an e-mail from my CAD instructor, the wise and benevolent Tom Hyde. (I really like this guy!) Apparently, the transformer behind the women’s restroom failed, and they’re having trouble finding a replacement. According to Tom, they may try to bring in a generator, but he’s not sure. To use his words, he’s “in the dark.” HA!!

So now it’s wait and see time. Meanwhile, I’m trying to find the humor in the transformer going crap-kablooie behind the ladies’ room, but it’s not coming to me. Yet.

Any suggestions?

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