Murphy’s Law at Work

I was once told by a female (notice I didn’t say “lady”) who used to attend our church that I had weird taste in music, specifically Christian music. In a way, she was right, even if it wasn’t a particularly nice thing to say. I only like two Christian groups: Apologetix, a band that does Christian parodies of rock music, and Rising Hope, an obscure band from Cincinnati that played gigs around the Midwest in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. (I think they broke up in 1982.)
Anyway. The reason I mention this is because Rising Hope did this great little song, humorous in its own way, called “The Lord Will Be My Snowtires” and the first verse goes like this:

Snow came down in April
And the green has turned to white
The Lord will be my snowtires
And He’ll pull me through tonight

And why would I mention snow in April? Because we’re under a winter storm watch! Yes! And what does Murphy’s Law have to do with this? Simple! Carl took the snow thrower off of our John Deere tractor and attached the mower deck, so Mr. Murphy is off in his corner, snickering about how he held off sending snow until after our tractor was set up for summer use. Someone needs to find this Murphy guy and slap him upside the head, or something.

Speaking of my tractor, I got to spend all afternoon yesterday doing yard work with it. I de-thatched our yard, then sucked up all the dead grass with the tractor’s bagger attachment. Last year, I couldn’t get the bagger to work, but this year it did. I think it had something to do with the fact that the mower blades were dull. Go figure. Anyway, now we’ve got quite a pile of hay in our garden, which Judah immediately dug into so as to build himself a nest. After I finished with the mower and thatcher (affectionately named Margaret) I tried to spread some grass seed out in the yard, but it was getting dark so I’m not sure how successful I was with that. I’ll have to try that again another time, preferably after it stops snowing. (By the way, if you didn’t get the “Margaret” joke, you either were born after 1988 or you slept through the Reagan administration.)

So now it’s time to watch the weather radar and monitor the storm’s progress through the state. I hope that, if it has to snow, it will snow enough to delay or cancel school. I have a bunch of work to do at home (including the never-ending task of laundry) and I could use a day off. Of course, Murphy’s Law being what it is, it will snow enough to make the roads treacherous but not enough to cancel anything.

Wouldn’t that just figure?

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2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law at Work

  1. Apparently I have weird taste in Christian music too (at least for people my age): I like Gregorian chant and old-old-old school Anglican and German hymns.


    O God beyond all praising, we worship you today…


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