The Day After

The snowstorm has come and gone and left 2 inches of heavy, wet snow on the grass. It mostly slushed up on the pavement (except the Jones Hall parking lot, more on that later) and that’s already melted away. Thus, we didn’t have to do any shoveling, so I guess Mr. Murphy’s attempt at causing regrets over my tractor went for naught. You can hear the sounds of melting snow and running water everywhere. The gurgle coming from my gutter downspouts is almost as enchanting to listen to as one of those table top fountain-thingies.

Anyway. Yesterday the snow started around 5:30 AM, just in time for the morning commute.(thank you Mr. Murphy!) If you took it slow and easy you made it to your destination just fine, albeit about 10 minutes later than usual. The girls had school dismissed at 12:30 (no surprise there) so I had to leave Kirkwood a little early to make it to the bus stop on time. The heaviest snow fell while I was waiting (in my nice warm SUV) for Lou’s bus. The falling snow was actually rather pretty, although it would have been prettier in January.

The roads weren’t much better this morning. They were wet, with lots of slushy spots, so you had to be careful. Plus the wind was blowing hard and shaking my truck, so it was a white knuckle drive to campus. When I got there, yesterday’s snow and melt-water had frozen solid on the Jones Hall parking lot, turning it into an ice rink. I tried to park in my usual spot, but when I spun out and slid sideways (at only 2 miles per hour) I figured I’d better park away from the traffic and not in the middle of the lot, so I took an edge space. By the time I left the ice had melted away and the lot was drying out, so parking tomorrow should be better.

Speaking of Jones Hall, we’re still running on a generator, and will be through Finals Week. The new transformer won’t arrive until May 9, and finals are over on the 11th. Whatever. I’ve seen the movie previews, and I hope this transformer is one of the friendly ones. 🙂

Meanwhile, I still have lots of homework to do, mostly revisions to my drafting class drawings. I also have projects due in Arch CAD and regular CAD, and I have an exam Tuesday in Survey and Site Layout. This past week (the day before the snowstorm) our class went outside in the raw, windy, cold weather and did surveying around the campus. This coming Tuesday we have an exam, and the weather is supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny. Doesn’t that just figure?

Mr. Murphy is at it again!

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