I’ll start with the good news. I managed to get all “A’s” again last semester, so I should be getting another Dean’s List notification soon. Also, I’ve started on an Honors project – I’m writing a textbook (a small textbook) for the Building Construction Systems II class. I volunteered to write the book, and Jim Off, the instructor suggested I make it an Honors project. If it passes faculty muster I’ll get a little sticker on my diploma that says I successfully completed said project. I like Jim. He reminds me alot of my Uncle Andy: super laid back, never gets flustered, easy going and good humored, but smarter (a LOT smarter) than his demeanor would suggest. This guy knows more about the inner workings of commercial construction than I could ever put into any book. He’s the kind of guy you wish you could mind-meld with so that you can learn from all of his experiences.

And now, the bad news. After months of waiting, the Department Head who interviewed Carl for the Project Manager position finally made a decision, and unfortunately he chose the other candidate. He still wants to keep Carl’s name on his “A-list” of PM candidates, but after all the waiting and suspense this was a major let-down. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy had made his decision within 2 weeks of the interview, but I think he waited something like 6 – 8 weeks. I’d hate to have to wait behind this guy at a Whitey’s Ice Cream Parlor. By the time he decided on an ice cream flavor I’ll have died of starvation.

Another bit of discouraging news, at least for me: with the increased demand for corn (due to the increased demand for ethanol) almost all of the land coming out of the CRP program will most likely go into row crops. This means that my dream of buying some land to put a house on is all but dead. Of course, all this crop demand is good for the farmers as they are now getting good prices for their corn. So it’s good news for my Uncle Andy, and also for Carl’s brothers Loren and Lyle.

But now I must go back to good news, and I must also get going, because I have to be at the Esco Group offices at 9:00 to fill out paperwork to start my part-time CAD technician job. This is mainly to fulfill my Intership requirement, but it also means money, and I need to save up some to pay for my fall semester. I’m looking forward to this job as I will be working for a man who goes to our church, but of course I’m nervous starting a new job. I have no idea how this will work out with the girls out of school, but we’ll work it out sometime.

Then I’ll have material for another blog!

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