Ocean’s Two

Hannah was complaining that her room was getting too crowded, and she wanted to move some stuff out. So Carl asked her “Do you want your room painted for your birthday?” Of course she said “Yes!” Repainting the girls’ rooms is something we’ve been planning for a while now (like a couple of years) and to that end I’ve been buying stuff to redecorate their rooms with. They wanted “beach” rooms, so I bought tiki lamps (the kind on the bamboo poles) foam parrots, flower garlands, tropical bedspreads and a bunch of other stuff. I also went through my paint swatch cards matching Delta Ceramcoat and Deco Art paint colors to the colors on the bedspreads so I knew what colors I could decorate with.

So last week I got the paint swatches out and asked the girls which colors they wanted their rooms painted. Both girls wanted the same colors: Delta Ceramcoat Salem Blue and Latte. I took the cards to our lumberyard (I love our local lumberyard) and matched my colors with theirs: Valspar paint, Blue Dream and Adobe Tan. Very nice colors. Hannah wanted three sides of her room painted Adobe Tan and one accent wall painted Blue Dream, and Mary wanted her room painted Adobe Tan on the bottom 3 feet of the wall with Blue Dream the rest of the way up, and she wanted “waves” where the two colors meet. No problem.

We started a week ago Friday. Hannah went through her room boxing stuff up, and we got her mostly moved out that night (everything except the bed). Saturday I got the paint while Carl moved the bed out and started masking off the woodwork. By Monday morning her room was painted, and we started decorating. She and I had taken a bamboo mat and covered her headboard with it, and tied two tiki lamps to the end as bedposts. I tacked garlands up all the way around the top of her walls (like border) and we put the bedspread on her bed. (She had, of course, rearranged her furniture.) I brought out the little knick-knacks I’d bought for her, and by noon she had a very neat, tropical room. That afternoon Carl got started on Mary’s room, and he worked on it every evening this week. I helped him make the “waves” and I sponge-painted along the line where the two colors met (to make it look like sand) and this morning we finally finished it. This afternoon Carl shampooed the rug, so tomorrow we’ll move her stuff back in and start adding her decorations. Hopefully we can get that done quickly enough to go out to Hannen Lake for a picnic, and also to do some fishing. It’s Free Fishing Weekend in Iowa, and we want to take advantage of it. Yes, that means relax. You can’t work all the time, can you?

OK! Who’s the wise guy who answered “yes”!?!

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