Juvenile Delinquency

This past Sunday Carl and I took the kids to the Noelridge Park Aquatic Center for some summertime recreational activity. Not being much of a swimmer, I took along a book to read: Dave Barry’s Book of Bad Songs. It’s a very short (but extremely hilarious) book, and it had me in stitches despite the fact that I’ve already read it several times. Hannah was curious about what I was laughing at, so when I finished the book I gave it to her. (I told you, it’s a very short book.) Needless to say Hannah was soon absorbed in the book and laughing just as hysterically as I was. Once we got home I showed her the rest of my Dave Barry collection and told her she could read them, too. Well, she’s already gotten through Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits and is currently working on Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up. The latter book contains the articles on which Dave Barry’s Book of Bad Songs was based, and she just finished reading them a few minutes ago. For some reason she read aloud to me the portion where Dave is commenting about the song Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus (released in 1992). And because I am a good mother intent upon furthering her children’s education, I went to the stereo and played Achy Breaky Heart for Hannah. (Yes, I have this CD. Don’t laugh – I bet half of you out there have it, too.) I went into the kitchen to get her reaction, and she was singing along to the song using the lyrics from Dave’s book. The combination of her singing those words and holding that book was too much – I laughed so hard I cried. It’s just a darn good thing I wasn’t trying to drink anything at the time.

As Hannah said, “Oh, the things you teach your children.”

Speaking of teaching our children and going to the waterpark, this past Sunday Hannah had to learn about the use of feminine hygiene products while swimming. I won’t go into too much (GROSS!!!) detail, but let’s just say that by the time we’d left Hannah had gotten a real (and slightly painful) education.

And on the subject of education, I need to go get ready for school now. It’s the last week of the summer semester, and today my team is giving their presentation on building styles in American Architecture class.


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